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Millie Perez was born and raised in New York City, to Dominican immigrant parents. She's spent most of her life moving around to different places, like Puerto Rico, Miami, Boston, and even had a short stint in New Zealand. Millie has her Masters in Couples and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling. After becoming a new mom, she decided to take a break from the Mental Health industry, and took a leap of faith. She wrote her debut novel, You Never Forget Your First: And He Just Might Be The Death Of Me, during her son's naps and after he went to sleep at night.

When she's not trying to wrangle a toddler, you can find her watching Bravo or a true crime documentary. She now lives in Florida with her husband Hugh, and her son, Beau


You Never Forget Your First


-brother's best friend

-childhood friends


-latina FMC

-found family

-forced proximity





Amelia Nuñez is moving out of rock bottom. Well actually, moving out of her Upper East Side apartment after a heartbreaking year that’s/that has consisted of losing her loving mother, and now, a failed engagement.

She’s ready to pick up the pieces again, and luckily for her, she has no shortage of chosen family members to lean on. Like the group of immigrant Latino doctors and their kids who she has always referred to as her surrogate family.

Being a first generation American daughter to her Dominican immigrant parents has always held its challenges, but Amelia is about to do the most terrifying thing yet—spend the holiday season with her judgmental Latino family members as an almost thirty-year-old single woman.

But just as Amelia is gearing up to be the center of the holiday chisme, he shows up. Evan Cooper, also known as her brother’s best friend, tech mogul about to reach billionaire status, and worst of all, Amelia’s first crush. But Amelia isn’t a little girl anymore, and she can handle her own now. At least, she hopes.

Evan on the other hand, is done biding his time. He’s moved back to the city, and is ready to take what has always been his—Little Miss Amelia. But after Amelia flips the script on him and leaves him wondering if he can handle the new and emboldened Amelia, he sets a plan in motion.

All it takes is one fateful Thanksgiving weekend in the Berkshires, and maybe a little divine intervention from her Mami, but soon Amelia and Evan’s worlds are turned upside down.

Could her childhood crush be anything more than just that?

Will his secret past put her in harm’s way?

They had better figure it out fast, because someone’s been watching. And now, they’re ready to come out.

And they’re not showing up empty handed.

You Never Forget Your Worst


-vacation romance

-second chance

-forced proximity

-"enemies" to lovers

-best friend's older brother

-open door

Antonio Nuñez has made the stupidest mistake known to man.

He fell in love at first sight. Even worse? Nikki McClane, the woman with his heart in the palm of her hands, is his little sister’s best friend. And the morning after their magical New Year’s Eve kiss, she claims to have no recollection of their night together.

So for the past seven years, Antonio has had a front-row seat to Nikki’s string of failed relationships. You know, the ones she actually remembers.

But he’s made it a point to be a thorn in her side. He taunts, teases, and infuriates her any chance he gets. He just can’t help himself. So when the opportunity arises, Antonio decides to show Nikki a side of him that she’ll never forget.

Nikki McClane has been unsuccessful in love… again. Fresh off of a break-up, she could really use a vacation. So when her best friend offers her a week at a luxury resort in the Dominican Republic, she jumps at the chance.

The catch? Her best friend’s older brother will be joining her. If only Antonio’s personality matched his godlike physique… minus the permanent scowl on his face, that is. But that’s what she deserves after lying to him—and herself—for the past seven years.

Because she remembers what happened the night she met Antonio.

She remembers it all too well.

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